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    OODA and Agility; Reaching a Conclusion Faster

    - by Joseph Paris

    Since the beginning of recorded history, great leaders of engagements have known two things; 1) Time is the enemy with speed and decisiveness in making a decision being an advantage and 2) there is no such thing as the perfect plan.  Therefore the ability to adapt as circumstances unfold is critical to success. Sun Tzu, a military strategist in the 6th century BC and known for his writings on military doctrine in “The Art of War”, recognized and understood the importance of speed and planning very well. On speed; “Quickness is the essence of the war.  Therefore, it is the…

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    Improving productivity – time for a paradigm shift?

    - by Andy Chilton

    Its time for improvement, as always! In the UK, we are constantly reminding ourselves – where others don’t do it for us – that “Productivity is a huge issue”. From Public to Private sector and now even Third sector (not for profit) organisations, calls for increased “efficiency”, “productivity” and “cost-effectiveness” to list but a few terms are common-place. It is big in the news. For the UK, it is increasingly important if we’re to remain competitive in the world market; especially following Brexit many believe – though who knows what that will mean… assuming it happens… as I write this, …

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    Lessons from the military on creating highly effective teams

    - by Frederick Fladmark

    ‘Leadership by intent’ has been described as the leadership technique that can best contribute to making organisations more adaptable and effective. That it can create an environment of employee empowerment. That it can help businesses thrive in environments that are increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. In this article, I describe what leadership by intent is and where it comes from. However, the most interesting part is why it works so well, and the neuroscience of why it works. What is leading by intent? It is perhaps David Marquet, in his book ‘Turn the Ship Around’, that has made famous…

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    The Employee Vs. the Organization

    Sounds like some sort of a media driven grudge match between two heavyweight prize fighters?  It is – based in large measure on my own challenging experience working for 15 companies over the course of 30 years – but as an HR Director, I’m also telling this story from thousands of varying perspectives, through the eyes of my customers (the employees whom I represented). What I’m about to talk about is the recipe for survival – for both the employee and their often emotionally and operationally dysfunctional organisations.  I’m going to be brutally honest and scrape down into root cause issues,…

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    You Are Unique, but Not Special

    - by Joseph Paris

    In my article, “Build Organizational Capacity and Capability – For Free”, I listed several root-causes for training and education programs reaching a “stall speed” and a detailed approach for avoiding it.  Among the root-causes listed were; time, expense, work/learning balance, scalability, retention rate, and atrophy. But there is considerable risk to the program even prior to its launch, and that involves the creation of a proper curriculum and learning environment. “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien,” meaning, “The best is the enemy of the good.” – Voltaire Case Study;  I want to protect the identities of the company and those…

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    The Immeasurable value of Intellectual Capital

    - by CERM Risk Insights

    Your most valuable business asset may not be the raw materials, cash reserves, or even the technology found within your company. It’s the knowledge of the people on your team. Yet a good number of executives overlook the value of this collective knowledge, commonly called Intellectual Capital. Case in point: Several years ago, I attended a meeting with executives and managers from one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. One of the top executives stood before the large crowd and exclaimed that their most valuable asset was their brand recognition. At that point, I knew this company was…

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