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    COVID-19; Blame is for God and Small Children

    - by Joseph Paris

    Unless you are a person that firmly believes there will be a second wave – or even that there might be a second wave –  the reactions and measures taken to the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to calm down and the world is beginning to unwind the measures that have been put in place; albeit to varying degrees and velocities and with little consistency. On thing is for certain; this event will be studied for years to come as data is gathered, scrubbed, and harmonized so that proper analysis can take place.  Unfortunately, another thing which is as certain is…

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    How changing customer behavior should change your growth strategy

    - by

    Consumer behavior is changing dramatically all of the time… … If you don’t plan for the future today, you may find tomorrow’s too late. While the immediate response to COVID-19 seems all-consuming, we still need to think of this pandemic in phases. There’s what we must do “now” to manage business continuity, what we must do “next” to prepare for the new normal and the need to accelerate digital transformation, and what we must do “beyond” COVID-19 to be in a position to create value for the longer term. China’s recovery provides a critical lesson: you need all three tracks…

  • Thought Food

    The cost of work stress — and how to reduce it

    - by

    By some estimates, work-related stress drains the US economy of nearly 300 billion dollars a year — and it can hurt your productivity and personal health too, says wellness advocate Rob Cooke. He shares some strategies to help put your mental, physical and emotional well-being back at the forefront.  Click here to watch….

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    Social Distancing Enablement for your Plant

    - by Andreas Eschbach

    With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have entered a very strange time, a transformative time.  Regardless of the immediate effects that are largely transitory (such as the rationing of certain products, the closing of restaurants and shops, and the recommendations and orders from authorities to stay in our homes); there will be real and significant changes that will be longer lasting, even permanent. Some measures deemed temporary, such as “social distancing” may become permanent to some extent if in effect long enough to take root and become the new norm.  Certainly, social distancing will become a consideration and action-item on every…

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    State of Readiness; Pavle Sabic, Tell Me More Ventures

    I welcome Pavle Sabic to my first-ever audio and video production of State of Readiness.  We talk about the human side of business; how to get more joy out of work, how to make it more joyous for others.  And we talk about a company’s workforce and how organizations are constructed needs to change.  Pavle invokes Peter Drucker with “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and agrees that culture is more important than strategy.  To achieve this, companies need to put people front and center – especially as the workforce becomes distributed.  And by that, Pavle means companies have to look…

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